Animals that are exposed to a special nuclear radiation and die become what is called a neon. Neons are a phantom/zombie creatures that can be dangerous.


Action, Adventure, comedy, Sci-fi, Romance/Shounen Ai/Light Boy Love


Once a Month on Tuesday.


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You can get a free Felisneon Wallpaper if you vote for me on Top Web Comics! One way to support me for free is to vote for Neon Glow everyday on TWC! =3

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Sorry to say, the buffer is caught up and next month I’ll be posting one page a month. If you would like to see faster updates support me on Patreon. I can only keep working on my comic with the support of fans! It’s true that i all my readers […]

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I don’t know if this will be sent to subscribers but, Sorry to repost this page. I’ve been getting bot spam to the comments on just page 5. I’ve tired a few things to get rid of it with out success, so I hope reposting the page and deleting the […]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KC!! (was March 1st) Happy to see Jake on my birthday. Sometimes I think he is my favorite. > w >;

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I hope you all had good Valentines day!