Chapter 1

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Sorry to say, the buffer is caught up and next month I’ll be posting one page a month. If you would like to see faster updates support me on Patreon. I can only keep working on my comic with the support of fans! It’s true that i all my readers […]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY KC!! (was March 1st) Happy to see Jake on my birthday. Sometimes I think he is my favorite. > w >;

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I hope you all had good Valentines day!

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This first chapter will be about the same because I always loved how I started the comic. But I changed the flow to be a bit faster and the ending will have something added. =3

Chapter 1

Hey guys! I thought I would let you know, Taptastic has this really cool new feature on their mobile app (called Tapas)! You can earn free coins by watching short video ads or you can purchase coins. You can take these coins and tip them to creators of comics. The […]